Reprocut™ Cutting Tool System

Reprocut™ new specially designed tool that safely and easily cuts all Flexbar Reprorubber® castings produces sharp and accurate cross-sectioned replicas for use with optical comparators and video measurement.

Reprocut™ Cutting Tool Features

  • 2.25" throat clearance
  • Easily trim flash and excess material
  • Two sided operation - Single blade for variable thickness slicing and dual blade for repeatable putty specimens
  • Two handed operation improves accuracy and avoids injury
  • Clear window allows direct view of the cutting area
  • Safety cover doubles as a specimen removal tool

Available Products


(#16139) Reprocut™ Cutting Tool System - Purchase

Replacement Blades

(#16139-SB) Replacement Thin Cutter Blade - Purchase
(#16139-LB) Replacement Thick Cutter Blade - Purchase

Radius Measurements

Length/Angle Measurements

Pitch Diameter